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Through and through, Denim is an industry leader. Our customers and analysts agree. See how Denim customers accelerate revenue by checking our our case studies.

How Alliance Logistix Achieved a 35% Volume Increase with a Freight Payment System

Alliance Logistix was searching for an efficient AP/AR solution for their brokerage and faced a constant influx of paperwork from their substantial load volume.

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The Denim Advantage: Yeti Logistics Slashes Factoring Expenses by 18%

Yeti Logistics saves nearly $20,000 annually on factoring fees. Denim & EKA's integration reduced time spent on redundant data entry by 75%.

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Denim Gives Veteran-Owned Brokerage a Competitive Advantage

Toby worked in supply logistics in the Marine Corps for a decade before joining a freight forwarder. These experiences inspired him to do things differently.

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