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Built for brokers, by brokers.

While other tech start-ups pretend to know the industry, our top people are actually former brokers. From the start, we've relied on their insights to build a platform that brokers actually want. While Truckstop (formerly ITS) has freight factoring services, they're primarily focused on their load board. With Denim, you get a true partner to work with someone who makes payments their primary focus.


Easy billing, with early invoicing options.

Scale accounts payable processes through an easy-to-use platform. Experience streamlined carrier onboarding and collections as a service features. How important is flexibility when it comes to your factor? Would you require dynamic pricing, selective factoring, or payments only? Denim gives you freedoms that you may not have with others.


Industry-Leading Document Management.

Our patented AI automates freight bill audits, saving you time and money. Denim customers are able to increase their pipeline while reducing the workload on their teams. This is a service others do not offer, so you'd have to pay another company for it. With Denim, this service is free and saves you money.


Deeper Connections to Your Tech Stack.

Denim gives you better connectivity to more TMS partners and tax software like Quickbooks. Whether you're using Turvo, Tai, EKA, or something else, we probably integrate with it. And if not, we'll work with you to build a custom integration. Some integrations we have (that others typically don't) include Quote Factory, Zuum, and Logistically.


Through and through, Denim is an industry leader. Our customers and analysts agree. See how Denim customers accelerate revenue by checking our our case studies.

How Alliance Logistix Achieved a 35% Volume Increase with a Freight Payment System

Alliance Logistix was searching for an efficient AP/AR solution for their brokerage and faced a constant influx of paperwork from their substantial load volume.

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The Denim Advantage: Yeti Logistics Slashes Factoring Expenses by 18%

Yeti Logistics saves nearly $20,000 annually on factoring fees. Denim & EKA's integration reduced time spent on redundant data entry by 75%.

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Denim Gives Veteran-Owned Brokerage a Competitive Advantage

Toby worked in supply logistics in the Marine Corps for a decade before joining a freight forwarder. These experiences inspired him to do things differently.

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How does Denim work?

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Choose how you pay and when you pay with:

Flexible Financing Options

Flexibility is key in today’s market. Not every job needs to be factored. Payment systems should give you the flexibility to choose how to pay. With Denim, choose what and when to factor on your own timeline. Remember, this feature is exclusive to Denim & isn't available with others.

Give team members custom access, automate document collection, freight bill audit, and more. Denim is:

Broker & Carrier Friendly.

Get access to the capital you need, when you need it. Manage your financing options from a single convenient portal. With back-office automation, collections, and document services. Denim Audit is free and is a key feature the competition lacks.

integrate operate

Connect your favorite TMS and QuickBooks.

Integrate and Operate.

Enhance your operational efficiency by integrating your preferred TMS and/or QuickBooks systems with our advanced Freight Payment System. This real-time data exchange streamlines processes eliminates manual data entry and minimizes the risk of inaccuracies and oversights. We have several unique TMS options you won't find with others.